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Finding the best dental clinic near me?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Where is the best dental clinic near me?”. We are proud to be your solution. We at iCare Dental are a reputable dental group in Malaysia that has dental clinics in 20 different locations across the Klang Valley. iCare Dental’s friendly and highly skilled dental surgeons are here to ensure that your smile is something to be excited about. Most of our dental clinics are open from morning to night, 7 days a week, best suited for your busy city lifestyle and cater to dental emergencies.

iCare Dental Services Offered

We at iCare Dental are reputable dental providers in Malaysia. While our smile designers offer a vast array of services at our 20 locations across the Klang Valley, below are a few of our featured services of note.


Orthodontic treatments work by moving and straightening teeth, with an end goal of overall improvements in the appearance of a smile. These treatments also assist in the longevity of your teeth and oral health.

The most flexible braces price Malaysia offers

iCare Dental has some of the most flexible braces prices Malaysia has to offer. Our expert team of dedicated orthodontic professionals works to ensure that your braces and other orthodontics are impeccable and that the process is as convenient and painless as possible.

Brace types we work with

iCare Dental in Malaysia works with both metal braces and ceramic braces. Metal braces are by far the most widely-used option, comprised of stainless steel or titanium, ensuring a stable structure. Alternatively, ceramic braces are made from transparent materials and are seldom visible on the teeth in comparison to their metal counterparts.


Dental veneers are thin, personalized shells that are custom-built to cover the front surfaces of the tooth. These serve to act as a tooth covering and improve the overall appearance of your smile. The veneer bonds efficiently to the front of the tooth, and helps to provide a color, shape, length, and size that is perfectly matched to the rest of your teeth.

The most beautiful veneers Malaysia has ever seen

The veneers that iCare Dental crafts for our patients are some of the best veneers that Malaysia has to offer. They are comprised of either porcelain or resin composite. Porcelain veneers will provide stronger stain resistance, and also are a closer representation of the properties of a real tooth. Meanwhile, resin veneers are much thinner, requiring far less tooth removal before being placed. We recommend speaking with one of our friendly professionals and scheduling a consultation to determine the best veneer material to exceed your individual needs.


Through the use of a series of clear, customized aligner trays, Invisalign dental systems work by gradually moving teeth into a proper location with minimal to no pain over a set of treatment protocols. The aligners are developed using three-dimensional imaging technology. The retainers are custom-formed to fit your teeth. An aligner is meant to be worn between a week to ten days, and then replaced with the next. Each aligner works to move your teeth just a bit closer to your final, perfectly-aligned smile.

How much does Invisalign Malaysia cost?

A good Invisalign Malaysia cost is something you will need to discuss with your dental provider. There is no standard fee, as everyone’s individual needs are different.

But what does Invisalign cost?

The number of trays required, the extent to which the teeth need to be shifted, length of time that will be necessary, and proper use all play into the final cost of Invisalign.

Reasons to choose Invisalign over alternatives

Invisalign’s name comes from the Alignment of teeth, and that the trays are almost Invisible. This eases self-consciousness in professional or school-based settings and makes them safe for sports. Additionally, the trays are removed when eating, so your food choices are not limited as they would be with braces. Also, unlike standard metal braces, there is no change in speech, or added effort necessary in flossing and brushing of the teeth, as the aligners are removed for dental hygiene as well. Invisalign truly is the most aesthetically-pleasing and highly suitable alternative treatment for orthodontic issues.

Teeth Whitening

The tooth whitening process is incredible. This procedure lightens the shades of tooth enamel to remove discoloration and staining. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures, as it provides excellent improvement of the overall quality of the smile with minimal work or time expenditure. Many dentists in Malaysia, including iCare Dental’s knowledgeable professionals, perform teeth whitening services.

Some of the best teeth whitening Malaysia has ever seen

Whitening processes through iCare Dental is not a one and done procedure. On the contrary, it needs to become a routine procedure from time to time to ensure a brighter smile for years to come. iCare offers in-office/chairside whitening at all locations.

Tooth Implants

Tooth implants help protect the structure of the jaw and provide support to other teeth, reducing the need for carrying out the procedure on adjacent teeth. In the long run, they make it easier to speak clearly and also help preserve natural facial beauty by reducing wrinkles.

The most durable Tooth Implant Malaysia has ever seen

At iCare Dental, only the highest quality implants are used. Dental implants last for life, so they must be extremely durable. We use Titanium or Zirconium in our implants. Titanium is renowned for being one of the strongest metals on Earth, while Zirconium is almost as hard as diamond.

The most flexible Dental Implant Cost Malaysia offers

The dental implant cost depends on whether the implant is titanium or zirconium. At iCare Dental, a dental implant is a 1-2 stage process that takes around 3-6 months duration. Our professionals are highly experienced at the surgery and will provide the only highest standards of care. These are just a few of the many dental services that iCare Dental offers in their locations across Malaysia. Please check out our services page for a complete overview of our offerings. We look forward to helping you obtain the smile you have been searching for!